Module SideBar

altHave you ever wanted to place a module inside of an article? Joomla won't let you but now you can with the Module SideBar feature on iJoomla SideBars, and the possibilities are nearly endless! For instance, you can include latest forum posts, display an image gallery or even play a video. Just specify the module's position, add the appropriate SideBar tag, and you're done!

How It Works:

  1. Open the module you want to display, publish it and give it a new position name.
  2. Choose a style and select module as the type of sidebar.
  3. You'll now see a list of all the positions to which a module is currently assigned. Choose the module position you created and save it.
  4. Save.
  5. The Sidebar's tag will now be displayed on the SideBar Manager. Copy and paste it into any article you want to display the custom sidebar on.


Video Tutorial: Adding a Module SideBar

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