What Is iJoomla SideBars?

iJoomla SideBars is a Joomla extension for Joomla 1.5 and 1.7 that allows publishers to place SideBars right inside their articles. Instead of depending on modules and module positions to display Google Ads, videos, related articles, RSS feeds, polls -- and anything else you can think of -- you can use iJoomla SideBars to put those features wherever you want!

How Do I Add SideBars to My Articles?

There Are Two Ways to Add a SideBar to Your Article:

  1. Using a Tag: Once you create the sidebar, you'll see a tag next to the sidebar's name. Copy the tag and place it anywhere on your article. The tag will be replaced by the sidebar. The syntax of the SideBar is: {sidebar id=x}, replace the x with the id of this SideBar. You can also place the SideBar on the left by adding align=left to the tag, like this:  {sidebar id=x align=left}
  2. Automatic SideBar: Add your sidebar automatically to all the articles of a selected category. Read more about this feature here.

Can I Automatically Add SideBars to An Article?

Yes, you can automatically show a sidebar on articles in any category you want. You can even place them in more than one category. For example, to show a Google AdSense sidebar on all your news content, simply choose your news category. The AdSense sidebar will automatically be displayed on all the articles in that category. You can also choose to show the sidebar in the intro text, in the full text or at the end of the article.

Read more about Automatic SideBars here.

Can I Add iJoomla Ad Agency Zones to SideBars?

Yes and it's even easier with the Joomla 1.7 version! Just create an Ad Agency zone SideBar and select the zone you want to display.For the Joomla 1.5 version, you'll have to create a module SideBar since each Ad Agency zone is also a kind of module.

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