Banner SideBar

altAre you tired of being dependent on the placement and positioning of separate modules? iJoomla SideBars gives you the power to add Banner SideBars anywhere on your pages! You can even control how you want them to appear on the page, such as left and right alignment, adding borders to set them apart from the rest of the article, and so much more. 

How It Works:
  1. First add at least one banner in the core Joomla banner component (Components->Banners).
  2. Go to the SideBar Manager and create a new SideBar and choose "Banner" as the type.
  3. Select the banner you added from the banner drop-down list.
  4. Save.
  5. The SideBar's tag will now be displayed on the SideBar Manager. Copy and paste it into any article you want to display the custom sidebar on.

Video Tutorial: Adding a Banner SideBar:

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