Automatic SideBars

altHave you ever wanted to add something to all of your articles at one time? For example, a Google AdSense ad, a banner, a poll or promotional content?

You Can Easily Do All of the Following with iJoomla SideBars!

  • Save time! (No need to manually add content to articles.)
  • Control the style of the SideBar with our Easy Styling System.
  • Automatically add a SideBar to the end, beginning or middle of an article.
  • Choose to add the SideBar to all articles or only to articles of a specific category.
  • Make money! With the Google AdSense SideBar located right inside your article, your conversion rate will be higher and that means more $$$ for you!
  • New! Now you can add automatic sidebars to all the articles of selected k2 and zoo categories.

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